Goodness Boxes

In New Zealand we discard 15.5 million tonnes of waste each year.  That is 3,200 kg for every Kiwi!  Right now we only recycle 28% of this waste (via

Our high quality reusable magnetic close boxes are filled with premium products from New Zealand businesses in recyclable, reusable or compostable packaging.  Many of our products are suitable for people with dietary requirements such as gluten free, dairy free, and vegan.  If you would like to order a goodness box for a recipient with specific dietary requirements please contact us and we will adapt the box of your choice.  

Our mission is to introduce artisan products to Kiwis, as well as educate and promote ways to help our environment.  

We purchase carbon credits from Ekos NZ.  Their carbon project supply chain organisations and products directly support the growth and protection of both local and international permanent indigenous forests.  The establishment and protection of these forests draws down carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, enhances biodiversity, improves water quality, reduces soil loss through erosion, develops climate resilience and provides diversification and sustainable land use opportunities for land owners.

We are always looking for exciting, high quality artisan products to feature in our gift boxes.  We invite artisan New Zealand businesses and social enterprises to contact us.

Thank you for choosing us - by doing so you are not only supporting a small business, you are also supporting local, sustainable and artisan businesses throughout New Zealand!

Avelyn Holcroft-Lewer

Gift Box Creator and Director


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