Digital Tools, Workshops and Mentoring

Are you an artisan or creator?  Having the right tools can significantly enhance your success, so we've developed a suite of valuable resources to take your business to the next level.  Download our digital tools, or join us in person at our transformational workshop this July!  

Meet Avelyn

Avelyn owns Goody Goodness, based in the heart of Petone, Wellington.  In this welcoming space located at 247 Jackson Street, carefully selected beautiful products, pieces and art created by local artisans are celebrated and showcased.  Goody Goodness also has a strong focus on sustainability, as well as building connection with the community.  You are welcome to pop in and just take a break, reading through reference books or colour in and have a chat. Avelyn also has two gift box ranges. 

With a background of supporting businesses to build their online presence (including producing the ebook Connect. Engage. Grow), assisting/leading the organising of craft festivals, workshops and other events, Avelyn's passion is supporting, nurturing and showcasing the talent we have right here in Aotearoa.  

Her many proposals, interactions and discussions with suppliers, creators and artisans over the last few years prompted Avelyn to create this suite of resources to educate and empower.


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