Hi I'm Ashley and I'm the creator at ACRCreative. From an early age I had always had a massive interest in all things crafty and liked to express through creativity. If I was quiet Mum knew exactly where to find me, head down in my art supplies!

Having a job based solely on my love for arts and crafts was always a massive dream of mine which is why i dedicated 5 years to studying the arts. This indeed came in handy when I was able to bring my dream to life by creating ACRCreative.

The idea of ACRCreative came about in 2019 when I had my first child Rafe but was brought to life in 2020 when i had my second child Myla. Having an extremely busy life of 2 under 2 i needed to find a way of bring back some peace and creativity into my crazy life. This is when i decided to try something new which is where my embroidery adventure started!

Embroidery had always been on my list of things to try learn and the day I finally learnt I was in love and had finally found my perfect creative outlet! My biggest love for embroidery is that it is a craft that is easy enough to pick up and put down when needed but also super satisfying to do!

My love for embroidery grew strong and I have now experimented with a massive range of ideas from your standard embroidery hoops, to shirts, shoes, bags and also bookmarks, keyrings and necklace pendants! With many other crafts displayed by ACRCreative, embroidery will always be number 1 to me as It's what helped me grow and create this awesome small business I happily call my own today.

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