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Mother's Day Gift Guide 2023

This Mother's Day is an opportunity to give a unique thank you and at the same time support local businesses during this tough economy.  Goody Goodness is here to show you that giving a beautiful, high quality gift doesn't need to be an expensive choice - you just need to know where to find it! Here are some of our favourite gifts all available by visiting Goody Goodness at 179 High Street, Lower Hutt or emailing  We have also linked gifts available to be purchas...

April 20, 2023

How affordable luxury will play its part in 2023

It is widely acknowledged that 2023 is another challenging year for households – and therefore less disposable income to spend.  It is believed that during these uncertain economic times the lipstick effect comes into play. What is the lipstick effect psychology?The lipstick effect is when consumers still spend money on small indulgences during recessions, economic downturns, or when they personally have little cash. They do not have enough to spend on big-ticket luxury items; h...

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