Hey I’m Jackie, owner and creative mind behind Heart Popping Designs. As a child, all creative crafts captivated me. This obsession held-tight into adulthood when we moved from South Africa to our new home New Zealand,  I originally started this business to help my family out financially and also have a safe place to explore my creative side.

We welcomed our two daughters into the world. By now, I had the perfect scenario – a home to unleash my love of design and a couple of perfect little test pilots - our two beautiful girls. As I set out to style their bedrooms, I found plenty of mass produced, throw-away décor available. But it felt wasteful and lacked originality. I wanted things that were meaningful and a keepsake, and that’s how my business idea began.

In 2018 I launched with a clear goal; to bring customised and creative décor /  products to every corner of your home. I believe it’s the little design details that tie together your individual style and inject the overall magic to a room or event.

All these years later, I have seen our business grow from ideas scribbled on a piece of paper, to having our products available in gift shops like Goody Goodness. Our online store allows you to grab a personalised gift for yourself, family or friends. 

Our promise is high quality handcrafted products for every occasion, originality and uniqueness as our product is a direct reflection of our name and our philosophy.

We want our customers to make a statement when they use our products , expressing our tagline, " Let your Heart Pop"..

You can connect with Jackie on Facebook and Instagram.


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