My name is Sarah and I have been running my small business Sarah McAlpine Art for a few years now.  I am based in Rotorua.

My products have evolved over the years but now I mainly focus on sublimated products, created from my own art work.  I print all my own designs on to the mugs.  They are permanent and most products are dishwasher and microwave safe.

My orange fox was born from a fabric design challenge.  The brief was to create a pattern that featured nocturnal animals.  Originally from the UK, I chose to draw some foxes in a London scene.  The foxes personality is shy and timid; my mugs are far from that.  Like the urban fox, they come out for a cuppa into our kitchen, backyards and workplaces.

My fox mugs, like the animal, stand out from other mugs, why?, because I have hand drawn all of the graphics, no prepaid designs here! 

The slogans bring out the sly, mischievous side, maybe of their owner, representing a slang term through picture and a taboo expression.

My art work can also be found on apparel, tote bags and tea towels at 

I welcome wholesale orders and also create repeat patterns for fabric designs.  You will find me on Spoonflower or For Fabric Sake 

I can also create designs unique to your business.  

Connect with Sarah on Facebook or Instagram.  Sarah's website is 


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