Good Change Reusable Bamboo Towels


Please note these will only fit in a LARGE goodness box. Please select a Large gift box first before you select items.  

Good Change Reusable Bamboo Towels are the 100% natural cleaning wipe that you can use again and again and when done with it, give it back to the earth. No microplastics or nasties.  Designed for multi-purpose cleaning + wiping including food spills, windows, drying wet hands, kitchen + bathroom, general cleaning and it’s safe on all surfaces. 

1 Roll = 65 Rolls of paper towels.

Please note: the minimum total order value must be at least $69.95 (orders with discounts are also to be this minimum) before shipping to receive FREE DELIVERY.  Thank you for your understanding.

SKU: 10000-24 TAGS: For the Home, Health and Hygiene

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