Lactation Boosting Tea


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This gentle and soothing blend of botanicals has been carefully formulated to provide nourishing support during your breastfeeding journey, promoting a healthy milk supply and to aid in digestion for both mother and baby. 
Promotes healthy milk supply
Supports digestion of mother & baby
Mineral rich
Has a calming effect
Suitable throughout the lactation period, right from after birth
Loose leaf tea, 100% natural organic ingredients, caffeine free, vegan friendly. No additives or preservatives. Approved by a Naturopath & Herbalist.
**The Nurtured Collection's range of products are not intended to be used in place of any treatment or advice from your health practitioner. Please check with your chosen health professional if you have any concerns about using any of the specific herbs, particularly if you are on existing medication.

30 grams

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