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The perfect gift for the gourmet - filled with delicious products sure to impress!

Plum & Tamarind Drizzle by Asian Food Republic. Made with fresh ginger + lemon juice. Perfect as a dessert topping, try using as an ice cream garnish or to enhance your favourite smoothie. This combination of black doris plum and tamarind is simply delicious. Also delicious drizzled on pancakes or added with whipped cream. 300ml. Gluten Free, Vegan. 
Packaged in reusable glass jar.

Al Brown & Co's Lemon & Fennel olive oil is a versatile flavour combo that goes great poured over grilled vegetables, fresh salads and especially seafood. Using oils like this will take your cooking to the next level.

500 ml.

Freeze-Dried Boysenberries with White Chocolate. Bursting with New Zealand goodness, Little Beauties freeze dry the whole berries to seal in the special taste and crunchy texture. Paired with a dollop of white chocolate, these Little Beauties are a delightfully moreish treat which you’ll find hard to put down.

Soft recycling packaging.

Rutherford & Meyer Quince Platter Selection  Everyone's favourite quince paste in a convenient gift pack with gourmet wafers and Canterbury linseed love local crackers.  Made by Rutherford & Meyer.

Plastic trays and cardboard packaging are recyclable.  Plastic film around crackers can be recycled in soft packaging recycling.

West Coast Cocoa. Exceptional flavour.  Premium quality West African "Dutched" Cocoa. Each batch of hot chocolate and chai is blended with care in small batches to ensure consistency and premium quality.  Gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan.
50 grams (2 serves).box.

Recyclable cardboard box and plastic wrap can be recycled as a soft plastic.

Twin Pack Red Heart Cookie. Delicious wrapped red iced heart shaped gingerbread made by Molly Woppy in New Zealand.

*Please note, some products and flavours may differ from images shown. On the rare occasion that we are out of stock on a certain item, we will replace the product with similar options of equal or greater value. 

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