Merry Christmas - English Breakfast Tea


Available for orders dispatched from 22 November 2022.  Pre-order your box of goodness today.

Merry Christmas (Good Morning, organic English Breakfast) single serve tea bags, with beautiful compostable and recyclable packaging.

The PositiviTeas™ range is a beautiful collection of single-serve Tea Bags, specially created for the Retail & Hospitality markets.

Lovingly encased within a printed card, you'll find a compostable, plastic-free Tea Bag, filled with the finest premium, organic tea from Charity Tea™.

This isn't just a Tea Bag.  It's a card, it's a gift, it's an experience!
Premium, whole leaf, organic, ethically sourced tea from Charity Tea™

Compostable, plastic-free tea bag

Hygienically, individually packed in home-compostable, plastic-free 'Natureflex™' packaging

SKU: 10000-93 TAGS: Beverages, Christmas, Gluten Free Dairy Free Vegan

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