"Craft to Counter" Guide


Build Successful Relationships with Stockists - and sell more products!

"In this guide I draw on the considerations I undertake, and past experiences I have had, when I am approached to stock a new product/product line in my retail store. These are the areas I believe should be focused on to give yourself the best opportunity to be successful". 

Avelyn – owner of Goody Goodness, 247 Jackson Street, Petone.

Did you know?  Retailers are already planning for the festive season (I received my first Christmas stock email on May 20th) so the window to prepare your approach to stockists to make the most of the most lucrative time of year is not far from closing.

Bonus: Complimentary copy of Connect. Engage. Grow Ebook: 35 New Zealand and Australian women business owners share their insights into what works and what doesn’t for their online presence. I created this ebook some years ago and the key messages are still very relevant today (although there isn’t any mention of Tik Tok)! Please note many of the businesses have evolved since the ebook was created (including my own) so links to online profiles may not be current. There are also handy social media profile checklists at the conclusion of the ebook. Please note due to when the ebook was created some of the technical aspects such as dimensions mentioned may have been updated as the platforms evolve.

Avelyn runs Goody Goodness - a physical space in the heart of Petone, Wellington, showcasing carefully selected, local artisans beautiful products with a focus on sustainability. She also has two gift box ranges. 

With a background of supporting businesses to build their online presence (including producing the ebook Connect. Engage. Grow), assisting/leading the organising of craft festivals, workshops and other events, Avelyn's passion is supporting, nurturing and showcasing the talent we have right here in Aotearoa.  

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